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First Crush

Proximity has a lot to do with crushes. Maybe you’ve fallen for someone you went to school with, someone who lives nearby, someone who occupies a cubical just down the hall or happens to ride the same train at the same time as you each day. As for me, I’ve fallen for Jan Brett! Not in the biblical sense – but literally in the literal sense. Ha!

Because The Mitten was one of the first books recommended to me as a soon-to-be mom (I profusely thank my friend, Marcie), it became one of the ones I read the most. And after the first few dates, I was smitten. I originally fell for its looks, then, I realized I loved listening, really listening to all it had to say. And I admired its ability to reflect and, at the same time, dream about the future, while staying ever present.

At the time I was new in town and hadn’t yet secured my library card – but I can assure you I soon thereafter signed up and have since devoured every title of Jan’s they have, and I just HAVE to get Cinders. My GOSH have you seen that gorgeous cover?

But as much as I absolutely love Jan’s work, it made me realize just how much I need to play the field. I need to cozy up with as many authors and titles as possible to learn the craft, and the different crafts of the trade. Time and time again in only the past two months I’ve heard person after person say to exhaustive ends that Picture Books need to be written with less than 500 words…. That “Jan Brett” (or other well-known authors) get away with it because of who they are. But because I love to write, and by that I mean I love to write a lot of words, I sit here now, typing my vow that I will work hard to get to the point that I earn the right to be verbose because those picture books with a lot of works and amazing illustrations captivate both me, as a reader, and my daughter, as a dreamer.

Most Recent Steps:

*Submitted three different “First 250 Words” for feedback through the 12 x 12 forum
*Earned ratings of 4 and 5 on my two submissions to Rate Your Story
*Downloaded the book; 2014 Children’s Writers & Illustrator’s Market
*Spent time writing every day
*Checked out six of the first 100 books to read from the NYPL’s 2013 Top Books list
*Logged a list of book titles (a mile long) to keep me busy with a pen