Group Mentality

Continuing on my journey to the world of all things Children’s Literature, I realize I need to be connected. I have a stack of books, actually, more like stacks upon stacks of books in my library about inspiration, publication, magazine markets, book markets, and so on. I also have the trusty pen and paper and laptop but I’m not REALLY immersed in the writing world.

Lucky for me, a kind-hearted and supremely knowledgeable peer in my local SCBWI chapter took me under her wing with one piece of advice. She said, “Sub Six is a group of gentle souls and trust is important. See you there….” and I was off! Off and writing! If you’re reading this then you likely know that Sub Six is a picture book submission support group… and the members are indeed great.

From this starting point on the Sub Six FaceBook group site, I went on to find additional groups such as the Chapter Book Challenge, Picture Book Idea Month, Start The Year Off Write, Children’s Book Creatives, and KidLit411. I also joined a critique group and signed up for memberships in Rate Your Story and the 12 x 12 challenge.  

Suddenly I’m connected to blogs and articles and mailing lists, and I’ve reached out to find some of the most vocal FB group members on Twitter as well. This chain reaction caused me to update my own Twitter page, update some of my information to be a more consistent and a solid “character” on all of my social media sites, and… start this blog. Now, I am really, really excited and I believe the potential to reach the next milestone is more visible than ever. Let’s see what happens!

Most Recent Steps:

*Joined relevant FaceBook groups for Children’s Writers
*Joined a critique group and
*Invested in programs with systematic check-in’s to keep me on track
*Began following industry leaders and vocal participants on Twitter
*Updated (and activated) my blog site


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